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For years, three professional tool rooms had been collaborating to create exceptional results. In 2004, these tool rooms formed a cluster company which has become a leader in the local injection mould making industry – PTM.

The driving force in the formation of the company was the fact that, every year, South African companies place millions of Rands worth of tooling off shore.

This has led to the local tool rooms not growing in competence. We believe that the major reasons for tooling being placed offshore is the poor response of the local suppliers to produce tools of an international quality standard within the lead time available. The aim of PTM has always been to change this situation in a positive manner by providing international standard tooling in the lead time required by the client.



Our vision is to offer mould design and tool construction services to the highest international standards at a cost lower than offshore tooling and to deliver the completed tooling process on time, every time.